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Hydroponic Water Filtration Systems

Hydroponic Water Filtration

How Does It Work?

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work   Reverse osmosis is not a new concept but not many people really know how it works. Here we take a complex process and make it understandable. Not only will you have a solid understanding of the science behind RO systems and what you are buying but you will also be able to dazzle your friends on Trivia Night at your local watering hole. Read More …

Made in the USA

Made in the USA Reverse Osmosis Systems   Buying American is not only patriotic, it is affordable. Our partner’s made in America reverse osmosis systems are shipped from a warehouse in California and incorporate 95% USA parts. While most RO systems are sourced overseas, we EXPORT our products into China because of our high standards for quality and reliability.

Secure Online Ordering

Buy Reverse Osmosis System   The online ordering process is safe and secure.  Our shopping cart features industry leading encryption to keep your private details safe.  We know that the last thing you want to do is create *another* online account. Enjoy a simple and quick checkout experience with no need to keep track of another account and password. Order Now …

Reverse Osmosis For Hydroponics

High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Systems

   Typical reverse osmosis systems have a low recovery rate. This means that for every gallon of pure water produced by old technology systems, 4-6 gallons of waste water go down the drain. That’s not only bad for the environment, it’s bad for your wallet! For people on a municipal water supply, this means you pay for every gallon of water wasted by the RO system. Even those on private well-water can have hidden costs – such as having to pump your septic tank more often as it gets inundated with waste water.

   This is why our systems are unique – the custom designed, proprietary membrane from Dow Chemical allows you to capture 50-95% MORE pure water than traditional, old technology membranes. Our systems offer a 2:1 waste ratio and, with the right components, can be as low as 1/4 gallon of waste for every pure gallon of water produced!

Low Waste Reverse Osmosis